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Delta Solar was formed to lower the costs associated with solar installations in Arkansas and surrounding states. We handle all aspects of commercial and agricultural solar installations from initial utility bill analysis all the way through long-term maintenance.

Why install a solar energy system? There are a variety of reasons why businesses want to go solar, but the most common are cost savings and environmental benefits. Many people are aware that solar is an excellent efficiency upgrade and are eager to reduce their carbon footprint while also increasing the value of their business.

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Boyd Family Farm
180 kW System - Rison, AR
Isbell Farm
310 kW System - England, AR
Peoples Bank of Sheridan
56 kW System - Sheridan, AR
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Get Ready for the Celestial Spectacle: The Solar Eclipse of April 8

Explore the impact of the upcoming solar eclipse on solar power generation and how grid operators are preparing for this event. Discover safe viewing tips and join us as we delve into the significance of this rare celestial spectacle on April 8th. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness nature’s wonder firsthand!

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Delta Solar Makes the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List

Recognized on the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List by Solar Power World, Delta Solar’s commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service shines bright. Explore the solar market’s growth, industry insights, and the company’s vision for a greener future. Join the solar revolution with Delta Solar today!

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REAP Grant Increased to 50% for Solar Energy Projects!

Discover how rural small businesses and agricultural producers can save money with solar energy through the REAP Grant, which has been increased to 50% as of April 1st, 2023. Learn about the new maximum grant request amount of $1,000,000, quarterly deadlines, and priority for disadvantaged communities. Contact Delta Solar to get started!

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EV Charging Made Easy: Delta Solar’s Partnership with ChargePoint

Delta Solar has teamed up with ChargePoint, the leading EV charging network, to bring convenient and reliable EV charging solutions to drivers in the region. With ChargePoint’s advanced hardware and cloud-based services, our customers can enjoy quick and easy charging of their electric vehicles wherever they are..

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