Illuminating Innovation: Delta Solar’s Role in Southeast Arkansas College’s Sustainable Transformation

Shining a Light on Collaboration and Sustainability in Higher Education

Delta Solar is proud to highlight our pivotal role in the groundbreaking project at Southeast Arkansas College, focusing specifically on the solar energy component of a much broader initiative led by Bernhard. This project, celebrating its completion after more than four years of planning and execution, represents a significant stride toward sustainable energy use on campus.

Under the leadership of Bernhard, the project’s total investment reached $6.7 million, encompassing a wide range of energy efficiency and sustainability measures, including the installation of approximately 3,000 LED fixtures and various other energy-saving upgrades. These comprehensive efforts are projected to save the college over $12 million over the next 20 years.

Delta Solar, subcontracted by Bernhard for our expertise in solar energy solutions, was tasked with the installation of a 366-kilowatt solar array. This component alone is a major step forward for the college, aiming to cover nearly 15% of the campus’s total energy usage. Our work highlights the potential for solar energy to significantly impact operational and environmental sustainability within educational institutions.

Chris Kane of Delta Solar commented, “While our focus was on delivering the solar energy component of this expansive project, it’s the synergy with Bernhard’s broader energy-saving initiatives that truly amplifies the impact. This solar array, though a singular part of the whole project, showcases the critical role of renewable energy in achieving long-term sustainability and cost-saving goals for institutions like Southeast Arkansas College.”

This project not only underscores Delta Solar’s commitment to advancing solar energy solutions but also showcases our ability to collaborate within larger, multifaceted initiatives aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. The installation of the solar array is a testament to our expertise and dedication to contributing meaningful solutions to our clients’ energy challenges.

“Our collaboration with Bernhard on this project is a prime example of how specialized contributions can integrate into larger sustainability goals, creating a composite solution that is greater than the sum of its parts,” added Kane. “We are thrilled to have played a part in this landmark project for Southeast Arkansas College and look forward to future opportunities to contribute our solar energy expertise to similar initiatives.”

As Delta Solar continues to lead the way in providing top-tier solar energy solutions, we celebrate the successful completion of this project and the ongoing transition towards sustainable energy practices across Arkansas and beyond. Our work with Southeast Arkansas College, in partnership with Bernhard, is a shining example of how collaboration and specialization can achieve remarkable outcomes for energy efficiency and sustainability.

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