Green Gets Greener: AGUP Equipment Partners with Delta Solar on Solar Array

Green Gets Greener: AGUP Equipment Partners with Delta Solar on Solar Energy System

Solar array to potentially save southeast Arkansas business nearly $1 million over 30 years

LITTLE ROCK – Delta Solar announced the successful completion of a 256-kilowatt (kW) solar array for AGUP Equipment. The system is expected to save AGUP – with southeast Arkansas locations in Halley Junction, Dumas, Eudora and Portland – more than $994,437 in energy costs over the next 30 years by meeting approximately 80 percent of its electricity demand.

“AGUP Equipment, formerly known as Arkansas Ag, has been providing southeast Arkansas producers with quality John Deere equipment and service for decades,” said AJ Hood, partner, Delta Solar. “Their decision to include solar in their new facility shows a continuous commitment to not only southeast Arkansas but the environment as well.”

“AGUP Equipment is committed to our communities, our employees and our customers,” said Kyle Fulcher, CEO, AGUP Equipment. “We also strive to be innovative, seeking new and creative solutions to exceed customer expectations. Incorporating Delta Solar’s customized solar energy system into our business operations strengthens our ability to continue to provide quality products and services at low costs.”

Businesses like AGUP can take advantage of two key tax provisions to significantly reduce the cost of a solar energy system: 1.) A federal Investment Tax Credit equal to 30 percent of total system cost and 2.) Accelerated depreciation allowing a business to depreciate 85 percent of the system cost in the first year of operation. Additional incentives may be available through the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act and Delta Solar works with clients to leverage all available options.

AgUp Equipment goes solar with a 256-kilowatt (kW) solar array.

About Delta Solar

Equipped with the industry’s leading solar experts, Delta Solar is Arkansas based, owned, and operated. Our team custom designs each and every system based on our client’s energy needs in order to optimize energy production and return on investment. We source only the best materials from around the globe to ensure each system we build performs at the highest level possible for as long as possible. The founders of Delta Solar pride ourselves on creating jobs in the communities we serve, and we believe that our clients are our greatest assets. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About AGUP Equipment

Serving Arkansas and Mississippi since 1947, we are your source for new and used tractors, combines, cotton pickers, sprayers and implements. At AGUP Equipment, our number one priority is to proactively serve and satisfy our customers by providing quality products and services at low costs. We have built a team of people who strive to develop and maintain an attitude of service to exceed customer expectations. Learn more at

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