Who is Delta Solar?

Delta Solar was formed to lower the costs associated with solar installations in Arkansas and surrounding states. We handle all aspects of solar installations from initial utility bill analysis all the way through long term maintenance. Founded in 2017, the Delta Solar Team collectively brings over 16 years of solar experience to what is still relatively new technology when compared to some more established industries.

So when you think Delta Solar, here are a few things to remember about us:

  • We’re Arkansas based, but will consult and execute projects in all 50 states!
  • We’re a leading installer and service provider for ground-mount solar
  • We specialize in agriculture, commercial, and industrial businesses
  • We’re recognized as experts in our field
  • …and we take great pleasure in being hands-on and working directly with our clients!

Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Solar For Agriculture
  • Solar for Industry
  • Solar for Large-Scale Commercial

Our Promise To You!

We’re here to provide our clients with an efficient energy alternative powered by solar arrays that have been designed and installed by our team—Arkansas’ most innovative & trusted team of experts in the field of solar power!

Why Choose Delta Solar?

Here are 5 reasons why

Reason #1: We’re a Bunch of Smart Folks Who Live Solar!

Driven by our CEO, Doug Hutchings with a PhD in Microelectronic- Photonics from the University of Arkansas.

Reason #2: We’re Impassioned to Deliver Accurate Assessments!

We have found time and time again, that our front-end analysis used when bidding a job is far more accurate and reasonable than many of our competitors.

Reason #3: We Do Our Own Installs

Not only do our experts design your array, but they install it. There are no sub-contractors here, just experts! 

Reason #4: Team Approach

We are progressive in so many ways,  but none more progressive than using the collaborative skills and knowledge of our entire team. Why? We find that in the end—this approach always delivers the best outcome!

Reason #5: We’re Here to Do Good!

Checkout our Brand story HERE and learn more about our company and our mission to do good! 

What makes us the Innovative and
Trusted Experts?

  • Members of the Delta Solar Team have contributed to over eight (8) US Patent Applications to advance the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Douglas Hutchings, CEO of Delta Solar, was named “One of the Nation’s Top New Inventors” by Inventors Digest for his contributions to the solar field.
  • Delta Solar continually invests in tools/technologies to further decrease the cost of solar powered electricity.
  • Solar is simple but a lot can happen over 30 years. We are defined by what happens when things don’t go perfectly to plan. We have the ability and resources to handle all contingencies for your solar array from maintenance to emergency repairs from lightning strikes. We have seen it all!
  • Delta Solar understands the intricacies of electric rate schedules and ensures each analysis includes all minimum charges, demand charges, and appropriate taxes/riders.
  • We live in the communities we serve, and you will deal with the same people throughout your analysis, construction, and long-term maintenance. We see each customer as a partner for the next 30 years.